Who We Are


It’s what’s inside that counts, and nothing could be more accurate at Giri Hotel Management, where the enterprise is as strong its people and employee development is the key to top-notch customer service. Giri is committed to hiring people who have a passion for service and hospitality, and investment in “The GIRI Family” is the key to success; building teams with intention generates employee satisfaction and in turn, happy guests.


With leading experience in hospitality, our team excels in driving value. Giri manages the development process from start to finish and has a proven track record for completing projects in high barrier to entry markets. To date, GIRI has invested over $50 million in development and renovation projects and is continuously driving for improvement: with its people, guest experience, properties, financial performance and operational efficiencies.


GIRI understands the importance of maintaining a competitive product, optimizing assets, and keeping franchisors satisfied; allowing the company a strong position even in the event of a recession, while preserving equity for future needs and acquisitions. Combining ethics, integrity, and passion for business excellence along with pushing the boundaries of conventional industry practice allows us a significant edge.

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