BookDirect FAQ

5 Reasons to Book Direct:

1) Get better rates.

Direct bookings guarantee the best rate at the time of reservation. You’ll find these by booking on our website or by calling us at the hotel. If you find a rate thru an OTA, we are usually happy to match rate. Why? We pay up to a 30% commission on bookings that come through an OTA.

2) Get a better experience.

We’ll be frank: Direct bookers are highly-valued guests. Like most inns and resorts, we appreciate these guests and they are first in line should free extras, better rooms or specials become available. Direct bookers can enjoy the hotel with pre-registration and bonus amenity time until 3pm on the day of departure. Since we assist you from the beginning, our team can even call to let you know when the room is ready. Plus, changes to your reservation are much simpler. You don’t need to spend 30 minutes thru prompts to reach someone who can’t help. You just call us.

3) Keep your dollars local.

We know, we sorta already told you this. But it’s important. When you book directly with us, every dollar you spend stays to maintain local jobs, our community and the vacation spot you love so much. It means our hotel can work toward improving your stay.

4) Online Privacy.

Sure, you know there’s fine print when you book thru an OTA, but did you know that it means they can share your information with any of their affiliates and partners? Some of the OTA sites have over 18,000 of these. Whoa. That’s a lot. We would never do that. When you book direct, here is what you will get: A confirmation email, prearrival emails, a how is your stay going email and a comment card email. You only get another email if we need to tell you something important, like detours or amenity changes. You know, the stuff that you really want to get. Who do we share your information with? No one. Not one other business.

5) Get real availability.

As in see what we have – all of it. From suites to resort rooms. When you search online at OTA’s or Google or Trip Advisor, they only show you hotels that pay big money or commissions. Some of those sites even make it into a bidding war. Taking more and more money – making hotels have to charge you more or give you less. All you want to know is what we have – Shouldn’t you get to see everything and choose? Since when was it ok for a big company to only show you what THEY make the most money on? It is YOUR vacation after all.

But you have to BookSmart by booking directly with us.

So to recap, BookSmart means:


  • It’s easier for us to help you with any questions, or make any necessary changes.
  • No booking fees, no waiting for your confirmation letters to go thru a third party
  • Being able to talk to a real person onsite.
  • Being eligible for upgrades, cancellation flexibility and next stay credits.
  • Your information stays private.
  • You get more, as in a lot more.
  • You get to be in charge of your choices for your vacation.
  • So the next time you visit one of our hotels, book directly with us for your vacation.
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